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Non-Invasive, Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer Mutations from Tissue Samples.

ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit

ColoScape™ is a real-time PCR kit designed for non-invasive, sensitive and early detection of colorectal neoplasia associated DNA markers from FFPE tissue samples. The kit utilizes DiaCarta’s proprietary QClamp® TaqMan-based PCR technology which leverages a sequence-specific clamp made by xeno-nucleic acid (XNA) to suppress PCR amplification of wild-type DNA template and selectively amplify only mutant DNA template. This technology enables a rapid, reproducible and affordable solution which employs a simple workflow and PCR machines that are commonly used in research labs.

Features and benefits


Greater than 95% stage I colorectal cancers identified


Robust multiplex TaqMan qPCR assay


Highly sensitive detection utilizing XNA-based clamping technology


Ready to run on most qPCR machines


20 proprietary DNA markers from 4 oncogenes


Less than 3 hours of assay run time

Supporting data

data sensitivity

qPCR amplification curves generated by ColoScape™ on FFPE tissue


ColoScape™ performance from FFPE samples. Pre-cancer detection sensitivity is 60% (6 out of 10 samples). Data from internal studies at DiaCarta.


Comparing the technical details and performance characteristics of ColoScape™ (DiaCarta) and Cologuard® (Exact Sciences). ColoScape™ data from an independent study performed by the University of Potsdam.

Product specifications

Sample:FFPE Tissues from Colorectal Cancer
Pack Size:6 Reactions; 24 Reactions
Instruments:Roche LC 96, LC 480 II, and Bio-Rad CFX384
Detection Channel:FAM; HEX
Turnaround Time:Les than 3 hours
Stability:Stable for 12 months at -25℃ to -15℃

Ordering information

Product Name SizeCatalog NumberIntended Use
ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit6 ReactionsDC-30-0006ECE/IVD
ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit6 ReactionsDC-30-0006RResearch use only in North America
ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit 24 ReactionsDC-30-0024ECE/IVD
ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit24 ReactionsDC-30-0024RResearch use only in North America