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DiaCarta technologies deliver faster, more sensitive results for diagnostic and molecular genetic testing.

DigiPlex Genotyping Test

DiaCarta DigiPlex™ Technology provides a platform for the digital multiplexing of proteins and DNA with barcoded beads and delivers more than 1,000-plex capabilities.
DiaCarta DigiPlex™ Technology provides an accurate, flexible platform. A bar code classification algorithm means virtually no misread beads and, with 128 bar codes and simple carboxyl surface chemistry, DigiPlex permits the covalent attachment of a wide range of antibodies, nucleic acid probes, and peptides. With the ability to run multiple assays on each sample and a choice of multiple gene expression, protein detection, or both concurrently, DigiPlex makes multiplexing workflow easier, while providing cost-effective reagents for laboratories.


Product CategoryTarget Intended Use
DigiPlex™ HPV E6/E7 Genotyping Cervical Tests14 high risk subtypesRUO
14 high risk and 6 low risk subtypesRUO
DigiPlex™ Cancer Mutation Genotyping testsLung cancer panelRUO
Colon cancer panelRUO
Breast Cancer PanelRUO