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QFusion™ Fusion Gene Detection Tests

QFusion™ fusion gene detection kit provides an easy-to-use multiplex RT-qPCR assay that simultaneously detects the most prevalent gene fusion breakpoints. This highly specific and sensitive assay makes use of Taqman chemistry and requires a minimal amount of RNA. It is a comprehensive, rapid and reliable alternative to the laborious FISH test. After RNA extraction from FFPE samples, there are three major steps in the assay workflow: i) qPCR assay preparation, ii) qPCR run, and iii) data analysis.


Features and benefits

Easy to Operate

One-tube multiplex qPCR reactions and only 50 ng RNA as assay input

Specific & Sensitive

No cross reactivity with wild-type RNA & 50 fusion templates detected per reaction


Total turnaround time approx. 1.5 hours


Assay validated in widely used real-time PCR machines


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