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QClamp® is the only technology that detects genetic mutations with a better sensitivity than ddPCR and NGS.

QClamp® Gene Mutation Detection Kits

QClamp® Gene Mutation Detection kits consist of SYBR-green based qPCR assay reagents that are ideal for screening rare and actionable somatic mutations in oncogenes. The assay utilizes a sequence-specific clamp (Xeno-Nucleic Acid XNA probe) that suppresses PCR amplification of wild-type DNA template and selectively amplifies only mutant template. The kits represent a rapid, reproducible and affordable solution which employs a simple workflow and PCR machines that are commonly used in research and clinical labs.

Leveraging the XNA-PCR chemistry, QClamp® is also the most reliable tool for validating next-gen sequencing (NGS) results. It is the only technology that provides detection sensitivity of 0.1% or lower, a level that cannot be achieved by droplet digital PCR and Sanger sequencing. The validation assays can be completed in two hours for a variety of specimens, including solid tumors (e.g. FFPE tissues) and liquid biopsies (e.g. circulating tumor DNA).


How it works

QClamp® is a revolutionary new way to screen for somatic mutations that utilize a sequence-specific clamp that suppresses PCR amplification of wild-type template DNA. QClamp® allows selective PCR amplification of only mutant templates, which allows the detection of mutant DNA in the presence of a large excess of wild-type templates from a variety of samples including FFPE, liquid biopsy, and traditionally challenging cytology samples.

Features and benefits


Detect ≤ 0.1% mutant DNA


Turnaround time ~ 2 hours

Sample Ready

Suitable for liquid biopsy, FFPE tissue and more


Works with most PCR machines

Cost Effective

Lower testing cost due to low cancellation rate and minimal amount needed of DNA per assay

Customer testimonial

Dr. Shidong Jia from Genentech

“QClamp® XNA technology is the most sensitive and detected mutations missed by …”

“Our lab did a good comparison study for BRAF mutations with all the technologies available in the market and found that QClamp® XNA technology is the most sensitive and detected mutations missed by all current methods including NGS and ddPCR. I strongly recommend this technology!” Read More

Dr. Sumanta Goswami from Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Supporting data


QClamp™ Detects below 0.1% mutated DNA
The most sensitive technology that could detect below 0.1% mutant in 2 hours.


QClamp™ HRM for EGFR Mutation High-resolution melting (HRM) profiles of clinically relevant EGFR mutations generated by the QClamp EGFR Test.