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JAK2 Mutation Test

QClamp® JAK2 Mutation Test

The QClamp® JAK2 Mutation Test in Codon 617 is a real-time PCR assay for the detection of somatic mutations in and near JAK2 codon 617 in Exon 14 in the JAK2 tyrosine kinase gene, using purified DNA extracted from FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin embedded), cells or tissue. The kit identifies the presence or absence of mutations in the targeted regions but does not specify the exact nature of the mutation. The codon specific detection kits are designed to detect any mutation at or near the stated codon site without specifying the exact nucleotide change.

Available kits

QClamp™ JAK2 Codon Specific Mutation Test in Codon 617
Related CodonsSample SizeCatalog NumberIntended Use
Exon 14 (Codon 617)10 SamplesDC-10-1037CE/IVD
10 SamplesDC-10-1037RRUO
30 SamplesDC-10-0166 CE/IVD
30 SamplesDC-10-0166RRUO
60 SamplesDC-10-0165CE/IVD
60 SamplesDC-10-0165RRUO

QClamp® somatic mutation detection technology overview

QClamp® is a revolutionary new way to screen for somatic mutations that utilizes a sequence-specific clamp that suppresses PCR amplification of wild-type template DNA. QClamp® allows selective PCR amplification of only mutant templates, which allows the detection of mutant DNA in the presence of a large excess of wild-type templates from a variety of samples including fresh tissue, FFPE, ctDNA, whole blood and plasma.

QClamp® gene mutation detection kits features overview


Detect ≤ 0.1% mutant DNA


Turnaround time
~ 2 hours

Sample Ready

Suitable for liquid biopsy,
FFPE tissue and more


Works with most
PCR machines

Cost Effective

Lower testing cost due to low cancellation rate and minimal amount needed of DNA per assay

List of mutations and cosmic identities found in JAK2

Exon  Amino Acid Change Nucleotide change Cosmic No.
14 V617>F 1849G>T  12600