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QEx™ FFPE DNA PCR Ready Lysis Buffers

The QEx™ FFPE PCR ready lysis buffers are efficient and versatile for isolating  DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. The unique chemistry of the QEx™ reagents preserves DNA in linear format and increases PCR and hybridization efficiency. The workflow is simple and fast with only 4 steps of adding and mixing the samples with buffer A and B sequentially. The whole procedure can be finished within 18 minutes with minimal manual operation. The lysate can be used directly in a wide range of downstream applications, i.e., PCR, real-time PCR and sequencing, etc.


Features and benefits


 Finish in 4 steps within 18 minutes with no DNA Purification



 Can be used directly in a wide range of downstream applications



  No toxic chemicals needed to remove paraffin (no xylene used)



 Reproducible and specific target amplification


Supporting data

Amplification profile (left figure) and melting peaks (right figure) from real-time (SYBR) PCR using EGFR Exon 2 as a target gene demonstrate reproducibility and specific target amplification. Three consecutive FFPE slides of three different patient samples (lung cancer -sample 1 and melanoma -sample 2 and sample 3) were processed with QEx FFPE PCR ready lysis kit on different dates.


Product Name Catalog NumberIntended Use
QEx™ FFPE DNA PCR Ready Lysis Buffers (20 Samples)DC-03-0001RRUO
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.