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Order Instruction

Better Accuracy & Faster Turnaround Time 


Setting up your account 

After signing up the service contact with DiaCarta, you are encouraged to set up your account to get started!

Contact DiaCarta to get a service quote > 

Fill out the account setup form and submit to DiaCarta at with the subject “CLIA Lab Service Account Setup”. 

Contact DiaCarta at to schedule an onboard training with DiaCarta Lab Technicians to work you through the account setup process.


Ordering Suppliers

Fill out the supply ordering form and submit to DiaCarta. Upon receiving the form, DiaCarta will contact you to process your orders. Contact DiaCarta at if you have questions for the suppliers. 


Submitting Test Requisition

Patient information must be entered in the test requisition form through LIMS Portal under your account. Once completed, print a hard copy of the test requisition form for each individual test order. Contact DiaCarta at if you have questions submitting test requisition through the online portal. 

If you do not have internet access, use the Test Requisition Form attached. 



Collecting Samples

Nasopharyngeal sampling and Oropharyngeal sampling need to be performed by a licensed medical provider. Download the Instruction For Use for DiaCarta’s QuantiVirus™ NP Collection Kit.

Download >

For saliva sampling, DiaCarta offers FREE services via Zoom where a certified Medical Assistant will assist/supervise you during saliva sample collection. Through DiaCarta’s scheduling link below, you can set up a virtual appointment with our Medical Assistant and receive step by step instructions. Contact DiaCarta at if you have questions scheduling the meeting. 


Shipping the Samples

(1) Sample Labelling 
  1. Attach the first barcode label lengthwise on the sample tube.
  2. Attach the second barcode label to the outside of the biohazard specimen bag.
  3. Attach the third barcode to the test requisition form (hard copy that you received)
  4. The fourth barcode is your own copy for your sample ID.

NOTE: This should be done for EACH sample.

If samples are to be processed with insurance cover, scanned copies of the patient’s insurance card (both sides) must be provided or enclosed with the sample in the shipping envelope provided.

(2) Sample Packaging

The sample should be packaged and shipped in accordance with the appropriate Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for UN 3373 – Category B Biological Substances.

Place the sealed biohazard bag containing the sample tube in our UN 3373 – Category B approved clinical pack envelope OR if using alternate packaging, verify that it is compliant and labelled appropriately.

(3) Sample Shipping

Ship specimens overnight to DiaCarta Clinical Laboratory. We recommend shipping samples within 48 hours of collection for optimal testing accuracy. Call FedEx for pick-up at (800) GO-FEDEX.

Use the prepaid return shipping label if a FedEx return shipping label is supplied in the kit.

Ship all samples to:
DiaCarta Clinical Laboratory
2420 Camino Ramon, Suite 105, San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone Number: 1-800-246-8878


Accessing Results and Reports

Once testing of samples has concluded (turnaround time of 24to 48 hours from receipt of samples in the lab), patients and clients can access their results via DiaCarta’s LIMS system. 

Contact DiaCarta at if you have questions accessing results and reports. 

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