Blood Collection Kit

cfDNA Blood Storage and Transportation Package


Research Use Product

QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Kit is a comprehensive blood storage and transportation package. It contains 2 tubes of the QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes, 2 gel packs, 1 biohazard specimen bag, 1 bubble mailer, 1 absorbent pad, a set of barcodes (4 identical barcodes in one set) and 2 information collection labels.

The QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes are designed to collect blood samples for cfDNA extraction from plasma. Unlike the traditional EDTA blood collection tubes, QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes can stabilize the cfDNA for up to 14 days when the blood is stored or transported between 6 to 30oC. These blood collection tubes are especially valuable when the blood is collected at healthcare facilities and needs to be shipped to remote clinical labs for cfDNA quantification, mutation, and methylation analysis.

Ordering Information

  • Product Name: QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Kit 
  • Pack Size: 1 kit 
  • Catalog Number: DC-08-1004


Product Configuration


Kit Components

  • 2 X QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes (stored in a protective foam tray with cover)
  • 2 X Gel packs (use as is, do not freeze)
  • 1X Biohazard specimen bag
  • 1X Bubble mailer
  • 1X Absorbent pad
  • 1X A set of barcodes (4 identical barcodes)
  • 2X Information collection labels