QuantiDNA™ Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube

Stabilize cfDNA for Downstream Genetic Analysis

QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes are designed to collect blood samples for cfDNA extraction from plasma. Unlike the traditional EDTA blood collection tubes, QuantiDNA™ Blood Collection Tubes can stabilize the cfDNA for up to 14 days when the blood is stored or transported between 6 to 30oC. These blood collection tubes are especially valuable when the blood is collected at healthcare facilities and needs to be shipped to remote clinical labs for cfDNA quantification, mutation, and methylation analysis.

Product Features

  • Direct blood draw used by healthcare facility
  • 10 ml blood collection
  • cfDNA stabilizing reagents for delayed sample processing up to 14 days
  • cfDNA quantity and integrity preservation
  • Product for research use only (RUO)

Ordering Information

  • Product Name: QuantiDNA™ Cell-Free DNA BCT
  • Pack Size: 1 tube 
  • Catalog Number: DC-12-0001R