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DiaCarta is a leading precision diagnostic company specializing in providing comprehensive one-stop-shop for cancer patient management solutions.


Early Detection/Screening




Therapy Selection


Therapy Monitoring

Early Detection/Screening

Early detection can save millions of people’s life. Unfortunately, traditional cancer screening only covers a few cancer types, such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer. Sensitive biomarker tests using Liquid biopsy made other cancer screening possible in the future.

ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Screening & FIT-Positive Triage Test

Powered by XNA technology, ColoScape™ test is one of its kind for triage screening of FIT-positive patients for colorectal cancer. The blood test identifies advanced adenoma with 62.5% sensitivity, providing an excellent alternative to patients unwilling to take invasive colonoscopy.

QClamp® Single Gene Mutation Detection

Powered by XNA technology, QClamps® tests are highly sensitive in detecting mutations in ctDNA at a detection limit of <0.1%. This capability meets the critical need for early cancer detection.

Diagnosis and Molecular Signature/Profiling

Traditional cancer diagnosis mainly uses tissue samples. While this is still the gold standard for cancer diagnosis, liquid biopsies gradually come into play, especially when tissue biopsy is hard to get at an advanced stage. Liquid biopsies offer extra confirmation and targeted therapeutic information based on mutation profiling using NGS.

OptiSeq™ Colorectal Cancer NGS Panel

OptiSeq™ panel provides targeted therapy information, if at an advanced stage, by detecting actionable mutations according to the cancer guidelines.

Therapy Selection and Monitoring

From diagnosis through initial and second-line treatments, and on to managing drug resistance, liquid biopsy is a handy and reliable tool. It can be more sensitive than traditional imaging, potentially catching cancer recurrence or drug resistance earlier.

RadTox™ Cancer Progression and Therapy Response Monitoring

RadTox™ monitors the cfDNA level change during the whole therapy process, providing patient prognosis and therapy efficacy data for the physicians in near real-time.

Customized Mini-MRD Panels

The customized Mini-MRD panels can monitor the residual cancer cells after initial therapy or cancer recurrence.

One-Stop-Shop for Cancer Management Solutions

DiaCarta provides highly sensitive tests for early cancer detection and potential MRD monitoring for complete cancer cell removal or recurrence. In addition, we provide real-time cfDNA monitoring in the cancer management process to gain real-time information on prognosis and therapy efficacy.

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