From mutation detection to highly sensitive cancer screenings, DiaCarta is advancing science through customized solutions

Product overview

QClamp® Gene Mutation Detection Kits

QClamp® Gene Mutation Detection Kit is a highly sensitive qPCR assay that provides detection sensitivity of 0.1% or lower. It is ideal for screening rare and actionable somatic mutations in oncogenes. The assay utilizes a sequence-specific clamp (Xeno-Nucleic Acid probe) that suppresses PCR amplification of wild-type DNA template and selectively amplifies only mutant template. The kits provide a rapid, reproducible and affordable solution which employs a simple workflow and PCR machines that are commonly used in research and clinical labs.
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ColoScape™ Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Kit

ColoScape™ is a highly sensitive real-time PCR-based in vitro diagnostic assay for qualitative detection of colorectal cancer associated biomarkers in FFPE tissue samples. The kit utilizes DiaCarta’s proprietary QClamp® TaqMan-based PCR technology which leverages a sequence-specific clamp made by xeno-nucleic acid (XNA) to suppress PCR amplification of wild-type DNA template and selectively amplify only mutant DNA template. The detection kit identifies the presence or absence of mutations in the targeted regions. This technology enables a rapid, reproducible and affordable solution which employs a simple workflow and PCR machines that are commonly used in research labs.
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QFusion™ Fusion Gene Detection Tests

QFusion™ fusion gene detection kit provides an easy-to-use multiplex RT-qPCR assay that simultaneously detects the most prevalent gene fusion breakpoints. This highly specific and sensitive assay makes use of TaqMan chemistry and requires a minimal amount of RNA. It is a comprehensive, rapid and reliable alternative to the laborious FISH test. After RNA extraction from FFPE samples, there are three major steps in the assay workflow: i) qPCR assay preparation, ii) qPCR run, and iii) data analysis.
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CRISPR-Quest Gene Editing Tests

CRISPR-Quest Gene Editing Test is based on DiaCarta’s next-generation polymerase chain reaction technology – XNA technology. It provides a rapid, low-cost, ultra-sensitive quantification of both NHEJ- and HDR-editing events to meet the growing need for a screening technology that is generally applicable.
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Dimerator™ Adapter Dimer Removal for NGS Library Preparation

Powered by XNA technology, Dimerator™ uses XNA clamps to block adapter-adapter ligation and improves adapter dimer to tagged library ratio, which leads to significantly higher quality sequencing data. This technology has solved the problem of formed dimer when 5’ and 3’ adapters self-ligate without library insert and requires no gel purification to remove dimer. It also prevents the amplification of the smaller dimer side product out-competes amplification of tagged library.
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DNA Sample Card

DiaCarta’s DNA sample card is designed for DNA extraction and preservation on saliva, blood (serum, whole blood), urine, feces, amniotic fluid, cervical fluid, tumor cells, plant leave marks and tissue homogenate. The card is ready to use and provide a simple way of DNA sample collection and identification.
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QEx™ FFPE DNA PCR Ready Lysis Buffers

The QEx™ FFPE PCR ready lysis buffers are efficient and versatile for isolating  DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. The unique chemistry of the QEx™ reagents preserves DNA in linear format and increases PCR and hybridization efficiency.
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DigiPlex Genotyping Test

DiaCarta DigiPlex™ Technology provides a platform for the digital multiplexing of proteins and DNA with barcoded beads and delivers more than 1,000-plex capabilities. DiaCarta DigiPlex™ Technology provides an accurate, flexible platform.
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