Adapter dimer is a byproduct formed during the ligation of adapters to both ends of the target DNA fragment. If not removed, the adapter dimers will compete for binding to the flow cell and for PCR amplification of the desired target ligated to adapters, and significantly lower the sequencing efficiency and quality.

Powered by XNA technology, the Dimerator™ uses XNA clamps to block adapter-adapter ligation and improves adapter dimer to tagged library ratio, which leads to significantly higher quality sequencing data. This technology addresses the problem of dimer formation when 5 and 3 adapters self-ligate without a library insert and requires no gel purification to remove the dimer. It also prevents  amplification of the smaller dimer side product outcompeting amplification of the tagged library.


Increase valuable sequencing reads


Handle low inputs and small RNA (e.g. miRNA)


Tag samples with low target abundance efficiently


Full automation possible

Adapter Dimer Removal for NGS Library Preparation

Traditional Methods for Adapter Dimer Removal

Traditional methods to remove adapter dimers help, but have limitations:


Magnetic Beads Binding: takes time and performance varies depending on the vendors


Gel Purification: time consuming with possible sample loss


Adapter: target ratio optimization: helps but does not solve problems and may waste sample


Changing Adapter Design to Reduce Dimer Formation: helps but does not completely solve the problem


How Does Dimerator™ Adapter Dimer Removal Work?

After ligating a 3´-adenylated DNA adapter to the 3´-end of miRNA in total RNA, an RNA adapter is ligated to the 5´-end of the miRNA. The ligations also produce an unwanted adapter-dimer side product as shown in the figure. The Dimerator™ works by blocking this side product from amplification by RT-PCR. However, the doubly ligated products are unaffected by the Dimerator™ and are amplified to generate sequencing libraries and to introduce barcodes. Two separate reads are required to sequence the insert miRNA and barcode, respectively, on the flow cell surface with the Illumina NGS platforms.

Product Specifications for Dimerator™ Adapter Dimer Removal Test 

Product Catalog Number

500-Reaction Pack Size: DC-60-0500R
1000-Reaction Pack Size: DC-60-1000R

Intended Use

For research use only 

Pack Size

500 Reactions and 1000 Reactions


Stable for 12 Months at -25°C  to -15°C