RadTox™ cfDNA Test

A valuable aid to mitigate adverse events of radiation therapy and a liquid biopsy triage tools for pan-cancer radiation or chemotherapy

The DiaCarta RadTox™ Test is intended to offer an early assessment of patient response to treatment. It is a simple blood test to monitor tumor response & progression after treatment by monitoring changes in cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA) levels. To ensure effective patient care, it is necessary for doctors to know early on whether a patient is responding to treatment to mitigate adverse events. The RadTox™ Test is based on DiaCarta’s proprietary QuantiDNA™ Direct cfDNA Test technology. It directly measures the concentration of circulating cfDNA in blood sample, and is used to monitor the cfDNA levels during treatment, such as radiation therapy (radiotherapy), chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other anti-cancer therapies.

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