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Our two core technologies,  XNA technology and SuperbDNA™ technology, are the backbone of our analysis platforms. Based on the need, three types of assays are offered: Single gene or small gene analysis, multiplex assays for multiple gene targets, and high-throughput targeted and non-target NGS analysis. 

Single Gene or Small Gene Panel Analysis

The single gene or small gene mutation detection analysis uses qPCR technique powered by XNA technology to confirm targeted gene mutations in a very short time (less than 4 hours). The assay is simple, straightforward and has been validated in commonly used qPCR instruments from well-known vendors. Although these tests do not directly give information about the nature of the mutation, the researchers can further characterize these mutations by sequencing the PCR products using the  XNA Technology. With the SuperbDNA™ technology, target DNA, gene expression, and genotyping can be detected using target-capturing probes.

Featured products and research lab services are shown below. 

Single Gene Mutation Detection

Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection

Radiation Toxicity Measurement

HPV mRNA Screening

Multiplex Assays for Multiple Gene Targets

Multiplex assays are applicable for multiple gene targets when a qPCR instrument or a single plate assay will not be sufficient to meet the needs due to limitation of target gene numbers. In these multiplex assays, barcoded discs or beads can track multiple targets in a single sample and quantify the amounts of the targets either using XNA technology or SuperbDNA™ technology. The method is partially automated to meet the mid- to high-throughput needs.

Featured products and research lab services (in Multiplex Assay format) are shown below.

Single Gene Mutation Detection

Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection

Radiation Toxicity Measurement

HPV mRNA Screening

High-Throughput Targeted and Non-Targeted NGS Analysis

For a large number of gene targets that need detailed sequence information, targeted NGS sequencing is a powerful tool when combined with XNA technology. The use of XNA technology in targeted NGS gene panel allows reduction of sequencing depth by 30x without losing mutation information, saving runtime, analysis, and ultimately, the cost.

Featured services are shown below.

OptiSeq™ Target Gene Sequencing (CLIA LAB and research services)

NGS Sequencing Services
(Research only)

Overview and Comparison of the Three Technology Platforms

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