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QClamp® Detects What You Have Missed

QClamp® is a revolutionary new way to screen for somatic mutations that utilizes a sequence-specific clamp that suppresses PCR amplification of wild-type template DNA

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Advancing Sensitivity and Reliability

DiaCarta’s HPV & Gene Expression Kits detect HPV strains 16 and 18, and oncogenes E6/E7 mRNA from 14 high-risk type subtypes

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Join DiaCarta at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2016

DiaCarta Booth #17088, June 3-6, 2016, Chicago, Illinois

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Dedicated to the Science of Impact

DiaCarta understands the impact time and sensitivity can have on testing and treatment outcomes. From providing faster, more sensitive solutions for genetic testing and molecular diagnostics to advancing technology and innovation, DiaCarta is dedicated to the science of impact.

DiaCarta Proprietary Technologies and Products

Highly Sensitive

Less than 0.01% sensitivity on difficult or diminished samples

Rapid Results for Faster Diagnosis

First-time results on any sample size in less than two hours

Superior Compatibility

The first and only
platform-agnostic technology

Highest-Quality Certifications

GMP-compliant facility with CLIA certifications