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DiaCarta Named to MedTech Outlook’s Top 10 In-Vitro Diagnostic Technology Solution Providers 2018

Jul 31, 2018 | Press Releases

DiaCarta has been recognized as one of the Top 10 In-Vitro Diagnostic Technology Solution Providers 2018 by Med Tech Outlook Magazine. The positioning is based on an evaluation of DiaCarta’s specialty in genomic testing for biomarkers, personalized diagnostics and clinical sample testing service provided in their CLIA-certified lab. The award list is selected by a panel of experts and members of MedTech Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote advanced in-vitro diagnostic technology that creates an immense impact in the U.S. market and dedicating its steadfastness to create a big difference in this continuously evolving arena.

“We take pride in honoring DiaCarta as one among the top 10 companies that are specialized in providing In-Vitro Diagnostic Solution. We value DiaCarta’s XNA technology which enables ultra-sensitive detection of actionable mutations using qPCR, next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other platforms for liquid biopsy, FFPE and other traditionally challenging specimens,” said Alex D’souza, Managing Editor of MedTech Outlook.

“We are honored to be selected by MedTech Outlook,” said Aiguo (Adam) Zhang, CEO and Founder of DiaCarta, “It helps further validate and reaffirm our strategic and technical goals to provide highly sensitive and advanced technologies to redefine the way molecular diagnostics and translational genomics impact health care treatment plans.”


DiaCarta is a translational genomics and personalized diagnostics company based in Richmond, California with significant business operations in China. DiaCarta provides highly sensitive and advanced technologies that will improve the way molecular diagnostics and translational genomics impact healthcare treatment plans and the well-being of individuals around the world. With over 20,000 square feet dedicated to a GMP-compliant lab space as well as CLIA and ISO 13485 certifications, DiaCarta is changing the landscape of molecular diagnostics.


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DiaCarta and Capstone Health Alliance Collaborate to Bring Revolutionary Diagnostic Tests to Enhance Patient Care

DiaCarta, Inc., a pioneer in developing innovative molecular technologies to transform patient care by providing effective precision diagnostics using liquid biopsy in cancer and infectious diseases has established a strategic collaboration with Capstone Health Alliance, one of the largest regional group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the US healthcare sector. This new collaboration brings together powerful technologies to enhance patient care.

Florida Selects DiaCarta’s cfDNA Test (RadTox™) for Statewide Use to Detect Early Response of Cancer Treatment

DiaCarta, a leading molecular diagnostics company specializing in personalized patient care through liquid biopsy, proudly announced that Florida Health Department selected “using plasma DNA concentration (DiaCarta’s RadTox™ test) for early detection of treatment response and resistance” through the Casey DeSantis Florida Cancer Innovation Fund. This fund supports deployment of the RadTox™ test throughout the State of Florida to be performed between Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy doses for real time detection of treatment response or resistance. The results will be as a real time predictor of imaging data.

DiaCarta, Inc. and OncoAssure Ltd. Collaborate to Launch Prostate Cancer Lab Developed Test

DiaCarta, Inc. (“DiaCarta”), a pioneer in molecular diagnostic test development for cancer and infectious diseases, today announced that it has established a strategic collaboration with OncoAssure Ltd, an Irish medical diagnostics company. The focus of the collaboration is to commercialize OncoAssure’s groundbreaking Prostate test which is designed to identify patients with a lower risk of prostate cancer recurrence, guiding decisions on active surveillance or reduced monitoring post-treatment.